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未来已来(三)丨 Inossem‘s ProcessGo, an early mover in the US market


“By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes” (Gartner).

This hyperautomation refers to businesses, rapid identification and automation for as many business processes as possible.  The combination of technological tools – machine learning, packaged software and automation tools will be the future of improving productivity and accuracy in nearly every business department. Processes will be enhanced through automation actions typically performed by hand.  Inossem’s RPA, ProcessGo, is the tool to optimize business operations and increase business agility. In the US there is rapid adoption of RPA in all sectors.  Inossem’s ProcessGo, as an early mover in the US market, will prove its added value to any enterprise.

So how can we expand the RPA market for our company in the US?  This will be second nature to the rising trend of adopting robot-based solutions, where North America accounts for a large share of the RPA market. “The robotic process automation market was valued at USD 1549.6 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 7109.3 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 27.7% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025. (business wire). Overall there is an increased demand for robotic process automation due to the rise of automation across many sectors such as “healthcare, electronics, retail, education, services, and government. Due to the high number of outsourced customer services companies and the presence of major vendors in the market, this region is dominating the global RPA market” (business wire).

A major growth driver for implementing ProcessGo in the US will be the large market share available to our company and the competitive landscape in which ProcessGo can thrive in as many companies are entering partnerships to meet this increasing demand, our ability to provide overall customer satisfaction and reduction of operational costs will continue.

ProcessGo merges scriptware, automation and anthropomorphic functions that interact with any application across business units and processes.  The many advantages of Inossem’s ProcessGo are the value it brings to businesses, providing rapid execution, available 24/7, multi-task functioning, elimination of errors, ability to scale and upgrade services of the company.  Our technological edge includes a comprehensive rules engine, centralized flexible monitoring, collaborative automation and customizable extensible platform.

Canadian Times Accountants, a very large Chinese accounting firm focusing on serving high net-worth families living or investing overseas, benefited from  Inossem’s Corporate Tax Management automation.  The challenges the company faced were inherent with the large business volume of  repetitive operational processes that were time intensive, heavily manually processed and thus open to higher error rates.  Every year, personal tax declarations and submissions were required for nearly 200 clients.  The average processing time for each customer was 10-20 minutes, taking 3-5 employees per month for more than one week, and  spending 2 -5 hours per day to complete this task.  Inossem’s solution was to implement DAS (Corporate Taxation) and T4 / RL-1 (Personal Taxation) solution design and digital labor deployment based on the ProcessGo platform, solving the need for a full business flow salary tax process.  The single main body declaration completed in 10-20 minutes now takes only 1 minute after automation. This assisted in forgoing the monthly requirement of  3-5 employees to spend a week of work to the task. The robot completes the declaration tasks of nearly 100 customers in only one day.  Individual customers who need to complete personal tax declarations in about 30 minutes can complete the submission process automation in just 8 minutes after deploying the robot.  Established preset rules such as tax return period, type and method in the platform's configuration, mark customer declaration status, etc., to provide normative goals for future review and provide updates.

The efficiency improvement through Inossem implementing an RPA optimization process, allowed employees to rely on more robots to perform tax declaration tasks on a regular basis, that also automatically performed data export, collation, entry, and various types of information collection, conversion, and verification across systems and applications.  Inossem met the needs of enterprises and optimized processes, fostering efficient management.  The robot processes a large amount of structured data according to preset rules to achieve 100% accuracy.  The robot also improves the ability to collect and coordinate information, and the integrity and quality of customer data are reflected in this efficiency.  Inossem provided high value-added professional work, established a unified information management model and deployed virtual labor to build a digital integrated solution.

Inossem’s extensive experience in RPA implementation has included many other sectors such as energy, insurance, real estate, supply chain, logistics, finance, to name a few.  This has allowed Inossem to create a wealth of industry expertise across sectors to provide high quality customized solutions that are cost-effective.  Clients across the globe have benefited from our industry -leading, innovative team of RPA experts, providing customer centric solutions.  Our reputation will continue to lead in wider adoption of ProcessGo.


超自动化是一种能快速识别并能批量自动化操作业务流程的技术。  机器学习、打包软件和自动化工具等技术工具的配套应用几乎成为每个业务部门用于提高生产率和准确性的发展趋势。通常而言,手动执行的自动化操作会增强流程的作用效果。  英诺森RPA ProcessGo便是这样一款能优化业务操作并提高业务敏捷性的工具。在美国,RPA正在各个领域内迅速普及。  作为美国市场的先行者,英诺森ProcessGo将在提升企业价值方面一展身手。

那么,我们如何在美国扩展RPA市场呢?  在北美,机器人解决方案在RPA市场中占有很大份额,采用这一解决方案的趋势不断上升,人们将视以为常。“机器人流程自动化市场在2019年价值1.5496亿美元,预计到2025年将达到7.1093亿美元,在2020年至2025年的预测期内,复合年增长率将为27.7%。(来源:美国商业新闻社)。总体而言,由于众多领域(如“医疗保健、电子、零售、教育、公共服务、政府等”)的自动化程度日益加深,它们对机器人流程自动化的需求也不断增加。鉴于外包客户服务公司数量众多,并且市场上活跃着一些重要供应商,该地区已成为全球RPA市场的重中之重”。(来源:美国商业新闻社)


ProcessGo对脚本软件、自动化和拟人等功能加以整合,使它们与跨业务部门和跨流程的任一应用程序进行交互。  英诺森ProcessGo拥有诸多优点:增加企业价值、提供快速执行、全时段可用、多任务功能、自主清除故障、扩展和升级公司服务等。  我们的技术优势包括全面性规则引擎、集中式灵活监控、团队协作自动化和个性化扩展平台。

加拿大时报会计师事务所(Canadian Times Accountants)是一家大型的中国会计公司,该公司致力于在国外生活或投资的高资产净值家庭提供服务,这其中英诺森“公司税收管理自动化”发挥了重要作用。  公司面临的挑战就是操作流程中存在的大量重复性业务操作,这些操作流程耗时费力,并导致了更高的错误率。  每年,将近200个客户需要申报和提交个人税务。  每个客户的平均处理时间为10-20分钟,每月需要3-5名员工用一周多时间、每天2-5小时来完成此任务。  英诺森的解决方案基于ProcessGo平台,实施DAS(企业税)和T4 / RL-1(个人税)解决方案设计以及数字化人工部署,从而解决了整个业务流程薪资税务流程的需求。  自动化操作后,仅需1分钟即可完成以往需10-20分钟才能完成的单一主体申报。借此,每月可以帮助3-5名员工节约一周的工作时间。机器人仅需一天就完成了近100个客户的申报任务。  使用机器人后,以往需要约30分钟才能完成个人纳税申报的个人客户,现在仅需8分钟便能完成提交流程自动化。  建立预设规则,例如退税期、平台配置类型和方法、标记客户申报状态等,以提供规范指标用于后续审核及提供更新。

通过英诺森实施RPA优化过程来提高效率,使员工能够依靠更多的机器人定期执行纳税申报任务,并且还可以自动执行数据导出、整理、输入以及各种类型的信息采集、转换和跨系统、跨应用程序验证。  英诺森在满足企业需求的同时优化了操作流程,从而促使管理更加高效。  机器人会根据预设规则处理大量结构化数据,准确性达到100%。  机器人还能提高信息采集和协调能力,并客观展现出客户数据的完整性和质量水准。  英诺森不仅提供了高附加值的专业化作业,还建立起统一的信息管理模式,并部署了虚拟劳动力来构建数字集成解决方案。

在RPA实施方面,英诺森也积累了经验的丰富,已涵盖了如能源、保险、房地产、供应链、物流、金融等多个行业领域。  凭借在各业务部门中积累的丰富行业专业知识,英诺森得以为客户提供富有成本效益的高端个性化解决方案。  我们业内领先的RPA专家创新团队坚持“客户本位”的服务方针,以为全球客户提供解决方案为服务宗旨。  同时,我们的良好声誉也将继续助推ProcessGo的广泛应用。

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