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What is RPA robotic process automation ?

It's a technology that can complete or help to complete repetitive tasks in smart devices (such as computers and mobile phones) performed similarily by human workers.

The definition of RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a new type of enterprise business process automation technology based on software robots and artificial intelligence (AI). It is also known as digital labor. It helps employees to complete repetitive and intensive tasks through a zero-integration apporach, improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

How RPA works

Inossem’s ProcessGo is an RPA product that can automate business processes through human-like operations.
ProcessGo can run almost all enterprise programs, automating business processes. ProcessGo offers various activity libraries such as process control, desktop UI, website operation, data management, client program, image recognition, mail reading, file tools, Office Tool, database tools etc. Operations like keyboard and mouse operation, website visiting, mail reading, Excel data processing, doc completing and text pasting can thus be automated.

RPA application scenarios

ProcessGo is a business process automation tool. It is suitable for highly repetitive, rule-oriented, stable processes.

List of ProcessGo application scenarios
  • Finance

    • Bank reconsiliation process
    • Tax control process
    • Expense reimbursement process

  • Human resources

    • Onboarding/Offboarding process
    • Payroll process
    • Roster management process

  • IT

    • Account opening and password resetting process
    • System inspection process
    • Master data maintenance process

  • Data

    • Data grabbing process
    • Data cleaning process
    • Data migration process

The value of RPA
Choose ProcessGo today
to make your workload easier and efficient

Inossem ProcessGo serves the world’s leading enterprises. We have created many RPA success stories in the insurance, securities, energy, manufacturing, logistics, real estate and other industries; we recommend that enterprises in the areas of shared services, financial management, human resources, information management, marketing and other areas prioritize automation.

With the introduction and promotion of robotic process automation in China, the digital workforce of the future cannot be ignored for the digital transformation of enterprises. With the rapid development of technology, if you want to be on top of the competition in the future, please act as soon as possible. ProcessGo is ready to take you on a successful journey of digitization.

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