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ProcessGo Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation
Easily deploy and manage your enterprise digital labor at scale
Platform service-based One-click web process publishing seamlessly connects enterprise business solutions from development, use, to operation.
Intuitive and comprehensive automation development platform
  • Easily design your automated processes

    Graphical programming eliminates the need to write complex code. You can easily create automated robots by dragging and dropping and configuring components.

  • Hundreds of preset components

    With flow control, desktop UI, website operations, data management, client programs, image recognition, OCR, email sending and receiving, user interaction, file tools, OfficeTool, database tools, and other activity components, you can easily drag and drop various activities, making your entire workflow designing process quick and efficient.

  • Ability to handle more complex business and data processing

    Studio seamlessly integrates popular development languages such as Python, JavaScript, and VB.NET. Allows developers and builders to implement more complex business and data processing logic.

  • Quickly locate issues

    Studio has a powerful debugging function, which helps quickly locate defects in the process design and perform troubleshooting to ensure the normal operation of the design workflow.

  • Conductor

    One-stop monitoring of your digital labor

  • Intelligent analysis and monitoring

    This real-time operation analysis module is based on the multi-dimensional data analysis model. It monitors each terminal of the platform in real time, integrating all-round management from macro to detail. The real-time alarm module allows the problems and faults of each terminal to be reported to the management platform as quickly as possible. Reports are pushed to each responsible individual in real time. Intelligent fault analysis, problem discovery engine can detect and warn potential problems and faults in network operation.

  • Execute tasks on time

    Schedule tasks for the robot according to your business plan, and issue instructions to control the robot to execute process on time.


Human-computer interaction terminal at your fingertips
  • Efficient and scalable automation

    The robot’s straightforward process management interface allows you to easily implement office automation and replace tedious manual execution processes.

  • Flexible and secure automation

    Robot Instruction Set allows easy integration of your robot and third-party applications. Information encryption keeps your data safe. Messaging and task interface keeps you informed of your business trend in real-time.

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to make your work easy and efficient

Inossem ProcessGo serves the world’s leading enterprises. We have created many RPA success stories in the insurance, securities, energy, manufacturing, logistics, real estate and other industries; we recommend that enterprises in the areas of shared services, financial management, human resources, information management, marketing and other areas prioritize automation.

With the introduction and promotion of robotic process automation in China, digital workforce is becoming the future that cannot be ignored in the digital transformation of enterprises. With the rapid development of technology, if you want to be on top of the competition in the future, please act as soon as possible. ProcessGo is ready to take you on a success journey of digitization.

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